Internship Basics

Professional interviewWhat is an internship? What do interns do? Who can be an intern? How do I become an intern? What internship can I be involved with? These are all great questions to ask when learning about internships.

First, an internship, also called shadowing, is a nowadays version of an apprenticeship. It involves on-the-job training for future careers. Internships are great ways to decide if you like the career before spending time and money preparing for a career you may not enjoy. Interns follow around a professional to see what he does and how he does it. Depending on the internship, interns are allowed to do many of the things the professionals do. If they are doing an internship with a Physical Trainer, they may be allowed to massage, stretch, and help patients recover. Lady choosing clothesIf they are doing an internship at a school, they may have the opportunity to teach the students and form lesson plans. There are many internships for nearly every career. Some high schools, and most colleges, offer internships. It can be taken in place of a class or during after school hours.

There are many different types of internships. Some of which are cooperative education, field experience, practicum, service learning, and externship. Each type of internship has many different careers to go along with it. As you learn more about the types of internships, you will find one that fits with your person schedule and preferences. Internships are invaluable as they give you experience and help you discover which career is right for you.

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